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    Montage of Art at St. Johns on the Lake 1840 N. Prospect Ave, Milwaukee, Wi. Show from June 6 thru August 18th - Reception June 13 5:00-6:30
  • View Show and purchase info here
  • Landscape Art of a Traveling Man
    Gallery of Peter Zielinski
  • Montage Art of Peter Zielinski
  • Web Site
  • Peter Artist Statement and Bio
  • Bloomin Art at Waukesha Public Library 321 Wisconsin Avenue, Waukesha, Wi Show from July 6 thru August 31st
  • View Show and purchase info here
  • Building Blocks Art out of her mind
    Gallery of Janet Hudachek
  • Montage Art of Janet Hudachek
  • Art Back to Reality
  • Montage Art of Janet Hudachek

  • Janet Artist Statement and Bio
  • LMA Show At Cardinal Stritch Joan Steele Stein Center 6801 N. Yates Road Milwaukee, 53217 Show from August 17 thru September 20th Building Blocks Art off the wall
    Gallery of Cyndy Baran
  • Montage Art of Cyndy Baran

  • Cyndy Baran Artist Statement and Bio
  • LMA Arts in August - Tent Art Show from Aug. 9, 3pm to 8pm and Aug. 10 10am to 7PM Vetrans Paza 500-598 Poplar Street, West Bend Wi Door County Autumn > Fresh Air Art
    Gallery of Tom Smith
  • Montage Art of Tom Smith

  • Tom Smith Artist Statement and Bio
  • Fall is Here Alexian Village 9301 North 76th street, Milwaukee, 53217 Show from October 1, 2020 thru October 31, 2020
    Reflections OVer Milwaukee > Art of Milwaukee
    Gallery of Stacie Estrada
  • Montage Art of Stacie Estrada

  • Stacie Estrada Statement and Bio
  • Regal Monarda > Nature Abounds
    Gallery of J. Mike Tucci
  • Montage Art of J. Michael Tucci

  • J. Michael Tucci Statement and Bio
  • Menominee In Hart Park  > Art in a Pastel World
    Gallery of Julia Pagenkopf
  • Montage Art of Julia Pagenkopf

  • Julia Pagenkopf Statement and Bio
  • Moonlight Sonata  > Art to Color Your Music
    Gallery of Susi Schuele
  • Montage Art of Suzi Schuele

  • Threshold  > Art With a Flair
    Gallery of Kathrine Thompsen
  • Montage Art of Kathrine Thomsen

  • Kathrine Thomsen Statement and Bio
  • Red Oaks  > Art in the Country
    Gallery of Christine Thomsen Raasch
  • Montage Art of Christine Thomsen Raasch

  • Christine Thomsen Raasch Statement and Bio
  • Cat  > Art in Pen and Ink
    Gallery of Lia Scherwinski
  • Montage Art of Lia Scherwinski

  • Lia Scherinski Statement and Bio