Cyndy Baran

Artist’s Bio & CV



The Journey


Cyndy came late in life to Art.  After years of corporate ladder climbing and multiple relocations, she felt a dissonance in her life which she identifies as “the itch”.  The itch is the body’s way of communicating to the brain that something is out-of-balance with one’s physical, spiritual and/or emotional world.


After relocating to Nashville, TN in 1998 for a business opportunity, it gave her the chance to explore the “itch” by enrolling in evening classes at Watkins College of Fine Art&Design.   Returning home from a class one evening, Cyndy was involved in a near-fatal accident with a city bus that spared her life but took the lives of two young men who were crushed under the belly of the bus.  This was her moment of reckoning...should she return to a comfortable business career or take the plunge into the unknown and pursue her artistic interests.  A few weeks later, she left her day job and began her art studies full time.


Cyndy studied Fine Art at The Watkins College of Art&Design and Austin Peay State University in Tennessee and she continues to evolve her artistic style studying with nationally known artists.  Her art has evolved through a variety of mediums and genres from the undraped figure, to plein air landscapes, and most recently, abstract and non-representational paintings.


the Work


Cyndy employs the starkness of graphite to communicate life’s darker emotions but turns to bold colors and expressive strokes to express the natural and abstract world.  Current political and social events often inform her creative voice and she will bring these themes into her art.


She is grounded in the belief that the physical body knows what it needs to flourish and thrive.  If you are still and listen to your inner voice, the connection between mind and body comes together and beautiful art will be made.



Artists Resume Juried Competitions


·       2020 Light Space Time. juried competition Figurative Art Exhibition. Awarded Special Merit and Special Recognition for two paintings. (April).  


·       2020 Camelback Gallery Shades of Green” juried competition Finalist. (March)


·       2020 Fusion onlineColors juried competition Awarded Honorable Mention. (March).


·       2020 “Featured Artist (online competition) Camelback Gallery (January)


·       2019 Fusion “Colorful Abstract Art online exhibition, (December)


·       2019 Plymouth Arts Center, Plymouth Wisconsin “Water Works exhibition (May – August)


·       2019 League of Milwaukee Artists “Cardinal Stritch” Exhibition (August – September)


·       2019 ReVision Art Gallery’s Premier Exhibition”, Racine, WI (April – May)


·       2019 Fusion Artists’ Choice exhibition (April 2019.)


·       2019 Light Space Time “Abstracts exhibition Special Merit Award (March)


·       2019 Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, “Open a New Year” Honorable Mention Award (January)


·       2019 Waukesha City Hall Solo Show, Waukesha WI (January)


·       2019 Light Space Time “All Women Art Exhibition Award of Special Merit (January)


·       2018 Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, Award of Honorable Mention Abstraction: Theoretical, Conceptual, Intellectual, (December)


·       2018 David Barnett Gallery, Milwaukee, WI Group Show “The Attic”


·       2018 Waukesha Public Library Solo Show, Waukesha WI


·       2018 Freeport Art Museum, Freeport, IL


·       2018 WCAL Wisconsin Regional Art State Award Winner


·       2018 Burlington Wisconsin Regional Art Show - Honorable Mention


·       2017 David Lipscomb Fine Art Show, Nashville TN


·       2016 Williamson County “Connections” Art Show, Franklin TN


·       2016 Chromatics “Tranquility” Show, Nashville TN


·       2016 Chromatics “Diversity” Show, Nashville TN


·       2015 Chromatics Collective Contemporary Show, Nashville TN


·       2010 Lexington Art League “Nudes”, Show, Lexington KY


·       2009 Central South Artists Exhibit, Nashville, TN


·       2008 Watkins College of Art, Design & Film –Alumni Show


·       2008 National Art Premiere, Elmhurst Artists’ Guild, Elmhurst, IL


·       2008 Memphis/Germantown Art League’s National Juried Exhibition




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