Cyndy Baran

Fine Art


Artist’s Statement


One inch...One simple, little inch can change your life.


“If it weren’t for that one little inch between me and that out-of-control city bus careening towards my car, I would have been trapped in that tangled pile of metal under the belly of the bus.  Instead, the lives of two young men were snatched away in an instant, and I walked away alive.  It was in that moment I decided that if I ever wanted to find my creative self, I had better get to it!"


Leaving her business career behind, Cyndy went to work exploring her artistic voice, graduating from Watkins College of Art & Design and she continues her studies with noted local and national artists.


Cyndy has worked in a variety of mediums with a current focus on abstracting the figure, and non-representational themes.  Her work has been juried into competitions both regionally and nationally.


Bold colors and multiple layers of paint define Cyndy’s signature style.   She uses both fluid and heavy-body acrylics in her paint application, depending on the desired outcome.   As an “empath”, current political and cultural issues often influence her creative voice, which informs new subject matter for her paintings  


“I am a firm believer that the physical body knows what direction you should take in life.  By listening to your inner voice, it will take you to the place you need to be at that moment.”


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