J. Michael Tucci Artist Statement and Biography

Artist Statement:
Comming from a graphic background, I look at scenes with a designer's eye. I am
attracted to unusual angles, views, lighting and oddities. I use my camera for capturing the moment; but in the studio, I call upon the emothion that I had at the time I took the photograph. I want the viewer to be lured into the painting by cropping to allow their eye to also be captured for that moment in time. Nature is a special interest. I look for a unique angle, a contrasting illumination, gnarled tree trunks, or flowers and leaves dancing in the wind. Converying the magestic size of trees is a creative challenge I persue. As an ex-tree farmer, I have an ongoing love affair with trees, which embodies at least half my work. Depending on my mood and circumstance, I use all point or pen and ink or watercolor for my sketching, I have recently takenup acrylic painting which i also find stimulating. Living amongst the trees, plants and babbling creek, I am never at loss for subject matter. Art, along with gardening, square/round dancing, and wonderful friends, fill my life with great joy and peace. I am truly fortunate.

J. Mike

J. Michael Tucci
J. Mike

About the Artist:

2560 Pilgrim Road Brookfield, Wi 53005
Phone 262-785-1797 email: Jmtgart6@gmail.com


BFA - graphic design, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
ME - Cardnal Stritch Milwaukee, Wi

Graphic Design (brochures, typesetting, wall murals)
Teaching - WCTC and Mount Mary College

Studied With:

Jean Crane for six years
Phil Austin, Bill Dougthy, Sharon Crosbie,
Tom Francesconi, Shelby Keefe 2013


Open Door Gallery, Whitefish Bay - Oct/Nov 2009) Solo
Cedarburg Cultural Center - Aug 2010
Plymouth Art Center Sept 2010 ("DOORS: Gateway to Creativity")
Marian Gallery, Mount Mary College Nov. 2010 (60 pieces "Books Unbound")
Gallery of Wisconsin Art, West Bend member exhibit - Dec 2009-2012
Paintbox Gallery, Door County - June 2011
Lifetime Art Competition - May 2011- Feb 2012 (traveling exhibit)and (Ruess Bleg. 10 paintings, 2012)
Marian Gallery: themes & Variations, June 2014
Cupula House Gallery, Egg Harbor, summers 2015, 2016
Rock Paper Sissors Gallery, Milwaukee, 2015, 2016
Pyramax Bank Milwaukee, 2016 Open Door Gallery, Whitefish Bay - Nov/Dec 2016
St. Mark's Episcopal Church Gallery, Nov/Dec 2016
Gallery @ the Blue , Milwaukee, June/July 2016