Juilia Pagenkopf Artist Statement and Biography

Artist Biography

My art is primarily about beauty, about light and color that is immanent and suffuses the world. My response
to this beauty is emotional and exploratory, capturing nature’s changing moods and seasons, or focusing on the unique
qualities of a portrait, or experimenting with the interconnecting forms in an abstract painting. Particularly
compelling is the sensual interplay of light and color, and the patterns they create, often leading to a certain
ambiguity and mystery.

When I begin a painting, I may have a specific scene to work from, or I may begin with a title or words from a poem.
I work in pastels and watercolors, most often separately but also in combination. Working from preliminary value
and composition studies, I choose colors intuitively, to give more of a personal expression of the scene or idea,
and to allow for surprising, unanticipated accidents. I want the viewer to be able to enter the painting, to smell
the air and feel the breeze. Or perhaps the painting will remind the viewer of a certain place they once knew, a
place where their imagination took flight.

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