Lia Scherwinski Artist Statement and Biography

Artist Statement

Using a bamboo brush saturated with black India Ink, I draw on pure white paper while my subject is right
in front of me. There are no preliminary drawings. This is with the intention of creating immediate, meaningful,
free-flowing lines that simplify the subject and yet, hold dimension in the thin or thickness of the lines.
I enjoy the challenge of focusing on each motion of my hand whether or not the subject is a still life or a lively cat.

Artist Biography

Lia Scherwinski is a Wisconsin artist currently living in Menomonee Falls with her husband and three children.
As a child, nothing gave her as much freedom and joy as a blank piece of paper and art supplies to enhance it.
In high school, Lia’s love of art continued and was spurred on by receiving the Silver Palette award from the
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and art scholarships from both the Elm Grove Women’s Club and Carroll College
where she would continue her education. At Carroll, Lia delved into a variety of media before focusing primarily
on drawing with ink, charcoal and oil painting. In 1999, Lia received her Bachelor of Arts with a Fine Art Emphasis
and Communication minor. Since college, Lia has continued her artistic endeavors by portrait painting as well as
the painting of murals. Her more personal artwork has been in places of business in Wauwatosa, Oconomowoc,
Menomonee Falls and Milwaukee. She joined and participated in shows with the Art Guild of Menomonee Falls and more recently,
Fine Art Montage.