Janet Hudachek Artist Statement and Biography 

Artist Biography - Statement
I am an ardent Frank Lloyd Wright fan and have been influenced by his work all my adult life. 
My home and it’s furniture that I built are inspired by his work. Lately this influence 
has spread to my artwork. 

My most recent influence is a book of FLW floor plans that I received as a Christmas present. 
The floor plans were of single level homes however, they appeared as 3 dimension drawings. 
After studying these I began to use the same 60 degree angles in my artwork, to bring about an illusional effect where the perspective changes as you scan the work. 

I find it interesting as I move toward the abstract rather than the representational the difference 
of working from a reference and creating your own reference in your head and vision. 

This exhibition is a collection of 2-d pieces titled “Out of my Mind” because rather than working from reality I tend to work from principles, theories and experiments.  Learning to use the art of the angle and using color that makes the piece come alive and change perspective as the eye scans the subject. Working with the basic principles of color and angles to give the artwork depth.


My goal is to make the viewer question, think about what they are seeing and then smile.

This is where the creativity starts. 

Organization affiliations: 
Founder of “Fine Art Montage” 
Former President of “The Art Guild of Menomonee Falls” 
Member of League of Milwaukee Artists 
Member of Wauwatosa Artists Workshop 
Member of MARN -Milwaukee Artists Resource Network 

Many art related classes – enhance by peer critiques: 
Wax pastel - Sharon Lynn Wilson 
Oil painting – WCTI 
Acrylic – WCTI 
Layton School of art – several classes 
Brookfield Art Guild – Paint and evaluation sessions. 
Color Pencil – Kristy Kutch 

• General Electric Employees art show - 2nd Place 
• MARN – “Beyond the Canvas” Award for “Domiciliary” 
• League of Milwaukee Artists for “Amethyst Emeralds Topaz and Marble” 
• “Off the Beaten Path” Award and Published in the Richeson 75 Landscape show book. 
• Selected for the WOW “Women of Wisconsin Women of Wisconsin ” show at Alverno College 
• League of Milwaukee Artists Award for “Marbles and Stones” 
• “Peek a Boo Blue” and “Marbles and Stones” Published in the Richeson 75 Still Life/Floral show book. 
• “Off the Beaten Path” Blue Ribbon for the Wauwatosa Work Shop “Tosa Library Show” 
• “Different Perspectives” award at the Plymouth, Wi “Alive in the Arts “ show
• “Ginkgo Explosion” award at WRAP show Grafton Arts Mill. 
• “Discovery” award at the Cedarburg Cultural Center in Wauwatosa Artist Workshop Show. 
• "Fall Walk" State Award at WRAP show Grafton Arts Mill 
• "Discovery ll WRAP show Oconomowoc Art Center 

• Gallery @ the Blue with Montage 
• Plymouth Art Center Alive at the Arts 
• Oconomowoc Art Center with Fine Art Montage 
• St. Johns 
• GOWA Gallery of Wisconsin Arts 
FireFly Art tent show Wauwatosa 
• GOWA Tent show 
• Art in the Park 
• UW Union solo show 

• Cedarburg Cultural Center with Wauwatosa Artist Workshop 
• Gallery @ the Blue with Montage 
• Plymouth Art Center Alive at the Arts 
• WRAP Grafton Wisconsin 
• WRAP Oconomowoc Art Center 
• Oconomowoc Art Center with League of Milwaukee Artists 
• Anderson Art Center with League of Milwaukee Artists 
• Art in the Park 

Tosa Library Show 
• Alive in the Arts Plymouth Wi 
• Art on the Walk 
• Grafton Arts Mill with Montage 
• Waukesha Civic Center with Montage 
• Reuss Building with Wauwatosa Artist Workshop 
• St. Marks Episcopal Church, Milwaukee with Montage 
• Whitefish Bay Church 
Pyramax Bank with Montage 
• Oconomowoc Art Center with League of Milw. Artists 
• Art in the Park 

LMA Grafton Arts Mill Gallery 
• WAW Grafton Arts Mill Gallery 
Pyramax Bank 
• Lemon Street Gallery Solo Show 
• Boerner Botanical Gardens solo 
• League of Milwaukee Artists Grafton Art Show 
• Boerner Botanical “ Art in the Garden” solo show 
• Hidden River Gallery Show Case 
• Menomonee Falls “Art in the Park” 
• League of Milwaukee Artists show at St. Johns 
Alverno College “Women of Wisconsin”

• Almont Gallery - Waukesha 2012 
• Art Gallery of the Guild – Menomonee Falls 2012-2014 
Purlon Studio– Menomonee Falls 2014 – mid 2015 
• Lemon Street Gallery 2014 – 2016 
• Fine Art Montage virtual gallery 2013 - 2018