02 Walnut Decrotive Platter

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  • Title: 02 Walnut Decrotive Platter

    Artist: Luke Fasholdt

    Description: Title: Walnut Decrotive Platter Artist: Luke Fasoldt Walnut Downed tree in Nebraska 13 inches Decretive platter This piece is turned from a crotch section These areas of a tree can have very interesting grain structure as evident in this piece. This is finished with multiple coats of penetrating oil, sanded between each coat, then a three-step buffed hard waxed topcoat. Side note the property owner who felled the tree was tired of picking up all of the walnuts in the yard. Price $275 Image size: H13 x W13

    Media: Turned Wood

    Price $ 275
    Image Size:H13 x W13