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  • Title: Pilgrimage

    Artist: Katherine Thomsen

    Description: A pilgrimage is a journey made to a sacred place. In life, we daily and devotedly traverse our own paths seeking religious fulfillment. The roads of our journey are never straight and are rarely easy; it is not only expected but essential to experience hardship along the way, for hardship develops character and a necessary dependency on our Savior, Jesus Christ. Over mountains and across vast, low valleys He finds us and lovingly guides the way. Pilgrimage is a trifold piece with brass hinges that can be wall-hung or set upright on display. Hung, it measures approximately 16 x 24.25; standing, its footprint is roughly 20 wide by 6 deep.

    Media: Mixed Media

    Image Size: H16 x W24
    Framed Size: H16 x W24
    Price: $ 250

    > > Price: 250.00