Fine Art Montage

Corporate/Office Art

Fine Art Montage
  • Artists Information
  • Art specifically selected to enhance your space
    and provide a unique aesthetic experience
    for employees and clients.
    Montage Gallery View of Fine Art Montage Gallery space where the award winning Montage members will be showing artwork, Gifts and Crafts regularly.
    N88W16567 Main Street, Menomonee Falls, WI
    Gallery 262-735-7786
    Contact Janet 262-424-1570
    Hours: Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 to 5:00.
  • Gallery of Dennis Robert

  • Montage artists will be showing at Serendipity Labs in Mayfair Collection 11220 W Burleigh St Suite 100, Wauwatosa, WI 53222 March,April May of 2021
  • View Art of the Show
  • Silk Scarf
  • Art inspired Scarves:by Jan Falk and Tom Smith
  • Mutual Attraction
  • Gallery of J. Michael Tucci
  • 3rd ward-water street
  • Gallery of Thomas Pscheid
  • Custom pricing available call 262-424-1570
    Montage Artists at the Schauer Art Center
    September 1 thru October 31, 2021
    147 Rural Street Hartford, Wi 53027
  • Pottery By Montana Walsh and Carmen Bond
  • RedDairyBankBarn
  • Gallery of Christine Raasch
  • Warm Summer Reflections
  • Gallery of Stacie Estrada
  • Montage Artists will be showing at Whitefish Bay Methodist Church fall Date to be annnounced
  • Jewelry by Bob Fesser, Jan Hubbard, Carmen Bond

  • Jewelry by Laura Dawson
  • Summer Finale
  • Gallery of Sonia Genett
  • Surrounded by Crowds
  • Gallery of Cyndy Baran
  • Montage Artists will be showing at Memonomee Falls Memorial Fest on Saturday May 29th Expression
  • Jig Saw Puzzles
  • June Hosanna
  • Gallery of Eileen Sussex
  • Expression
  • Gallery Jim Krahn
  • Expression
  • Note Cards
  • Expression
  • Gallery Mark Haberle
  • Expression
  • Gallery of Angela Otts
  • Cats Cats Cats
  • Fancy Boxes and Other Gifts

  • Calla Lilly
  • Gallery of Bob Fesser
  • Altarpiece
  • Gallery of Katherine
  • Totes for your stuff
  • Altarpiece
  • Gallery of Mary Boettcher
  • Altarpiece
  • Gallery of Tom Smith
  • Commission an art piece to your specifications
  • ArtAngles
  • Gallery of Peter Zielinski
  • ArtAngles
  • Notepads
  • Expression
  • Totes
  • ArtAngles
  • Gallery of Janet Hudachek
  • Altarpiece
  • Gallery of Nowell Stoffel